News for December 13th

Tonya Tiffany and I went to our first ever MD Republican Party Convention this past weekend and found it just fascinating.  (My report is here at Potomac Tea Party Report).  MD CAN had a booth and we met some really great people who were very interested in our efforts to bring Maryland conservatives together on January 8th.

There were also some questions about what we wish to accomplish, so we hope this note (below) will help clarify. 

Generally, like many of you, we were frustrated that Maryland did not participate in the national red wave, and we want to make sure it doesn’t happen next time. With your help and guidance, we aim to rebuild electoral politics from the grassroots up.  But, first we have to find each other!   To our knowledge, no one has brought everyone together in one room yet—January 8th, 2011 is that day!

From the MD CAN team:

We have been asked several times lately why we are not addressing particular issues.  The answer is that the conference is not intended to be issue-oriented.

Our goal is to bring together, to network, individuals and groups across the state of Maryland who represent a conservative point of view.  We expect there to be a broad range of interests represented, including from fiscal conservatives, social conservatives, constitutionalists, people who are concerned about immigration control and national security issues.

Throughout the conference, we want people to be thinking and talking about our common ground, and preparing to work together cooperatively through a network of ideas, talents and action.  Ideally, every attendee will walk away at the end of the day having met someone they didn’t know before and with whom they will commit to work going forward.

We have asked our speakers to be brief in their remarks, to encourage as much interaction with the conference participants as possible.  They will be addressing such issues as: campaign lessons from 2010, how to communicate effectively with the media, how to fight voter fraud, precinct organization, how to run for office as a citizen legislator, and what federal pressures are being brought to bear on the State of Maryland.

All conservatives must have the same goal of promoting shared values in order to gain strength in Maryland.  Come join us on January 8 to work toward this goal by developing camaraderie with one another and identifying ways we can work together in united purpose.

The motto of our country proclaims, E Pluribus Unum, We are One People Out of Many.  By bringing people of various interests and passions together, we hope to find common ground to support one another in the days ahead as we work to advance a credible conservative agenda in the State of Maryland.

See  you on January 8!

General conference information is here.  Confirmed speakers are here.  Printable registration form is here.  And, questions are answered here.  More questions?  Our contact information is here.

We are building a RESOURCE LIST, so if you would like your group or website to be listed, let me know at 

We will have literature tables (booth space) available at the conference for $15 each (our cost to the hotel) so please let us know if you would like to reserve a table for your group.  E-mail


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