News for December 14th


We very much want to provide Maryland conservative activists with a list of resources including group or organization websites, blogs, think tanks websites, etc. so that conference attendees and others will have a ready source of information.  Visit our RESOURCES page linked at the top of this website and see who we have so far. 

Please send your additional web addresses for RESOURCES to me, Ann, at so I can add them to our list!

Your group may wish to reserve a booth (table) at the January 8th conference.  Booths are $15.  Contact Tonya at to make arrangements.


Sometime today we will be sending out a press release about the January 8th conference.  Please let me know if you can help us spread the word to your press contacts.  Again, you can reach me at

General conference information is here.  Confirmed speakers are here.  Printable registration form is here.  Questions are answered here.  More questions?  Our contact information is here.


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