Press release December 30th, Anita MonCrief, ACORN whistleblower

Readers, this is a press release we have sent out to our press contacts in Maryland.  Please help us by copying and pasting the release into an e-mail and sending it to your local news outlets.  By the way, one of the many things we hope to accomplish on January 8th is to put our heads together and create a statewide media contact list (newspapers, TV, radio, bloggers and others) that would then be available to all of us whenever our groups want to get our conservative news out to the media.


Maryland Conservative Action Network Conference to hear from ACORN whistleblower

Keedysville, MD – December 30, 2010 The Maryland Conservative Action Network Conference to be held on January 8th, 2011 in Annapolis, Maryland is a first-ever attempt to bring together, in one room, tea partiers and conservative activists of all stripes from across the state.  “The goal is to meet each other and plan for how we can begin to change Maryland by breaking the liberal lock on the state,” said Tonya Tiffany, a MD CAN organizer and Maryland Society of Patriots member.  “In other states conservatives in 2010 were successful in breaking the Democratic hold on state government and we plan to make sure Maryland isn’t left out of the conservative wave in the future,” Tiffany concluded.

The networking conference will feature speakers who will act as discussion leaders and one of those speakers is the well-known ACORN Project Vote whistleblower, Anita MonCrief.  Ms. MonCrief will discuss voter fraud and what we can do to combat it.  And, in her new capacity as national spokesperson and trainer for American Majority, she will discuss candidate recruitment and training.

“As a high ranking member inside ACORN, Anita learned the intricacies of Community Organizing and she is helping the American Majority fight fire with fire,” said Matt Robbins, Executive Director of American Majority.

Since January 2009, American Majority has conducted over 350 training sessions in 44 states. In those sessions, Tea party-minded people have learned how to bring about real change and what it takes to get America back on the right track.

MonCrief warns her trainees about what to look for when dealing with the opposition, “It plays dirty and doesn’t much care for playing by the rules if breaking them will lead to victory.“

“In Anita MonCrief, the tea party movement has a member and a leader who knows the opposition’s playbook and is opening it to us all across the country,” said writer/activist James Simpson. You can meet Anita, also the editor of Emerging Corruption (, on January 8th in Annapolis and learn more about how we can defeat the Left using some of their own strategies.  Ms. MonCrief’s biography can be found here

Please visit the MD CAN website ( to see the line-up of other great speakers and to get registration information.  Time is short, MD CAN would like to see registrations mailed by tomorrow, December 31st.  But, no one will be turned away at the door.

For more information contact:  Ann Corcoran at 301-964-5442 or e-mail



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