Happy New Year!

It is hard to believe that 2011 is here and that one week from today the MD Conservative Action Network Inaugural Conference will kick off in Annapolis!

If you have arrived here today because you have just learned about the event, please click on the links at the top of the page to see the conference information, speakers, agenda, registration form, and faqs to answer your questions.

You can still mail your registration form on Monday, January 3, but after that it might not reach us before we go to Annapolis on Friday.    Because this meeting was put together quickly, we weren’t able to set up a way for you to pay on-line.    We aren’t turning anyone away at the door, but in order to not have chaos at the hotel with not enough seating or lunches, we had a registration deadline of December 31st.

If you can’t get your form in the mail on the 3rd, please contact me,  Ann (acorco9104@aol.com or 301-964-5442) to register in advance.  Registration at the door is $50.

Speakers and information tables.  I just want to emphasize that speakers are all giving freely of their own time to be in Annapolis on Saturday, some will have information booths about their groups, so please visit those tables and learn  more about their organizations.  Other groups will also have information available.

Resources!  Because this conference is all about networking, we started a list (also linked at the top of this page) called ‘resources’ so we could list your group/blog/think tank, etc.  Please send me links to add to the list.    acorco9104@aol.com

County representation!  As registrations come in, I’ve been keeping a list of who is coming from each county.  I have a whole bunch of new registrations I need to record today so will be back with a report  later.  However, I do know we will be be swamped (in a good way!) with Montgomery Countians!   We red county people keep hearing about all the liberals in Montgomery County—so what gives?  Looks like conservatives in Montgomery County are on a roll!   Which one of you is going to take-on Chris Van Hollen?

Happy New Year again from Ann, Cathy and Tonya!



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