Last day to mail registrations!

We are really excited! Registrations are pouring in!  Over 100 have already registered!   However, today (yesterday, January 3rd) is the last day to print out a registration form and get it in the mail to us in time.  The form is here.

Because there has been so much interest generated in the last few days….

If you cannot get to the post office today, you may contact me, Ann ( and pre-register.  We will then honor the $40 registration fee when you arrive.   However, if you do that, you must show up!   Not wanting to sound too mean, but we have no funding for this event other than your registration fee, so if we order your lunch this week and you don’t come after all, we must eat it (financially!).  So don’t pre-register unless you are sure you will be there.

However, we are not turning anyone away at the door!  For those who have not pre-registered, or won’t decide until late in the week, the fee at the door will be $50.  Please bring cash or a check.

Some logistical issues

Everyone whose registrations we received as of last Friday should have gotten e-mails from me confirming your registrations and making a few additional corrections, etc.  Let me know if you did not receive confirmation.  As soon as registrations come in today and later this week, you should hear from me.

We had an early version of the registration form that said registrations would begin at 9 a.m., we subsequently moved that time to 8:30 a.m. There will be coffee/tea and refreshments so come early and meet fellow conservatives and visit the information tables that various groups will have set up.   The program begins promptly at 9:30 a.m.

An early form did not have a vegetarian option for lunch, so be sure to contact me, if you do not have that on your form and would like a vegetarian wrap for lunch.

Another thing that was added late to our agenda was the training workshop by Apostle Claver that is free and will run from 5 p.m. to 6:30 in another room at the DoubleTree Hotel.  That session will be in addition to his scheduled session earlier in the afternoon.

Very important! Since this is a networking conference we want all of you to continue to communicate and work together after the conference. To accomplish that objective, we are planning to have available a contact list with your name, county and e-mail address for all attendees.  If you do not wish to be listed, please tell us before Thursday of this week.

Can’t wait to meet you all on Saturday!  Ann, Cathy and Tonya



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2 responses to “Last day to mail registrations!

  1. nettie koepenick

    Could you please exclude me from your email list. Thank you.

    • acorcoran

      No problem, we aren’t going to distribute any e-mail list until we have asked each person as they register on Saturday whether they wish to be included or not.

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