Networking continues: Thomann prepares MD Senate analysis

Taking another networking opportunity, longtime conservative Joyce Thomann, who participated in last Saturdays MD CAN conference, has prepared a vote analysis of Maryland Senators based on their scores from the Maryland Business for Responsive Government.    You can find Joyce’s document here (thanks to Susan Falknor at the Thursday Meeting).

Joyce’s excellent work reminds me that we should have similar ratings for Senator’s immigration votes, votes on social issues, votes on whether they are big spenders and on how much pork they take home (just off the top of my head, certainly there are others needed as well!)   Maybe those ratings already exist, does anyone know?*

By the way, since we were flooded with new registrations last Saturday we are still working on the county by county e-mail list that we hope to make available to all attendees who wish to participate in exchanging contact information.  A few of you did not indicate your preference and we will be e-mailing you to ask your permission to be part of the MD CAN networking project.

MD CAN participants:   Send us your networking projects and we will post here until we get a real website up and running. 

* Update:  Richard Falknor from Blue Ridge Forum writes that we should not forget General Assembly votes on some other central issues: taxes and green statism and property rights and education reform.


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2 responses to “Networking continues: Thomann prepares MD Senate analysis

  1. Heather Olsen

    Michael Swartz did an analysis of state legislators votes on a bunch of subjects last fall– called the “Monoblogue Accountability Project” Jason and I found it hugely helpful for checking how his opponents had voted on a whole bunch of issues. Check with Michael.

  2. Heather Olsen

    Also, as I’m sure you realize, there were a number of people who were unable to attend for various reasons, who are still interested in your efforts. You might think about how best to include them in efforts going forward.

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