Our Cathy gives Rush an idea

MD CAN organizer Cathy Trauernicht discussed ‘civility as the new censorship’ with Rush Limbaugh on Thursday.  Read all about it here.   Way to go, Cathy!



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2 responses to “Our Cathy gives Rush an idea

  1. Cindy Sharretts

    Does anyone live in Howard County? The Howard County Public Library has been leading the “Choose Civility” campaign for years, with bumper stickers, events, etc. The website is http://www.choosecivility.org/ . Especially see the “About Us” page. One portion of interest: “Choose Civility in Howard County was initially inspired by the book, Choosing Civility: The 25 Rules of Considerate Conduct, by Johns Hopkins University Professor Dr. P.M. Forni. It began as a grassroots effort with an appearance by Dr. Forni at Howard County Library’s Professional Development Day in 2006. The central theme of Forni’s book resonated with Library administrators and other community leaders. As a result, Howard County Library, in partnership with Howard Community College and Leadership Howard County, invited Dr. Forni to speak on the principles of his book at a kickoff event for the initiative in February 2007.”

    Thank you, Cathy for speaking up!

  2. James Eric Davison

    Given that heated debate has always been a part of free speech and political discourse in American politics, criticism of same can only be viewed as another refuge for scoundrels!

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