Frequently asked questions

Is there a place to register on-line?
Sorry, no, we are not set up for that at this time. The only way to register is to send a check to MD CAN, P.O. Box 111, Keedysville, MD 21756. A registration form is here.

Do you have financial backing for this conference?
No, it is funded exclusively with the registration fees which cover the cost of the facility, the meals, and with a small portion going to other meeting expenses, such as lunches for speakers and copying expenses.

Is MD CAN a non-profit organization?
No, this event was just the brain-child of a few conservative grassroots activists. We expect at the January 8th meeting for a group to come together, plan to meet again and determine if MD CAN should have a legal structure.

Can I get a refund of my registration fee if I can’t make it after all?
No, sorry, the fee is non-refundable. A head count is required at an early date by the DoubleTree Hotel.

What happens if we have severe winter weather forcing a postponement?
We will make every effort to reach you through the contact information you have provided. If the weather is so horrible that authorities are warning drivers to stay off roads throughout the state, you can be sure we will postpone the conference. The hotel will then work with us to re-schedule the conference on a mutually agreed-upon Saturday. If you cannot make the new date, we will refund your registration fee. Any questions, please see the contact link at the top of the page.

Are speakers receiving a speaker’s fee?
No, all speakers are giving freely of their own time for this event. However, we are sure their organizations appreciate donations and you may see them separately to make a donation if you wish.

Will speakers be available for us to meet them?
We are encouraging speakers to stay for lunch, for breaks and for the networking time at the close of the conference.

Will there be some way during the meeting for me to find other like-minded activists from my county?
Yes, we plan to identify attendees by county.

Will there be a table on which to place literature for my group?
Yes, tables will be available for group literature.  If you are interested in a table, please e-mail marylandcan@yahoo.com and let us know.  The charge is $15 per table which is what the hotel is charging us.

I don’t eat meat. Will there be some accommodation for vegetarians?
Yes, you may choose a veggie wrap on your registration form.  If you have an old form and a check-off hasn’t been added for a vegetarian choice, then please simply note your request on the form.

I am planning to stay overnight, are there rooms available for MD CAN conference attendees?

Overnight Accommodations at the DoubleTree are available for $99 + 13% tax. For more information, please call Wendy at 410.224.3150,  x2615


11 responses to “FAQs

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  9. amdactivist

    Many Marylanders may not notice the big changes we have within our state of illegal aliens. You may not notice them working state hwy’s or landscaping projects or inside the plant of purdue. You may not realize that many of our new taxes are because we are supporting “new Americans” *illegal aliens.. To a tune of more than $2billion tax $$ a year to illegal aliens on welfare because of their babies for profits scam and use little or no id to get welfare. We also paying for their health care at our local hospitals, food stamps, energy assistance and so on while they continue to work our jobs, drive our roads and can’t read the signs and they are voting..Their are many of our elected officials that cater to them with our $$ and our jobs like Omalley, Miller, Busch, viva la Mikulski, Cardin, Ivey, Ramirez, madaleno, vallario and many others. In July 2009 when the real id act came into play omalley could of revoked the many drivers licenses that they were obtained using fake ids which also entitles them to a voters card, but instead of revoking all their licenses in July 2009, he extended them through 2015 or when they became expired.. Long enough to cover this past election.About a million or more received a md license coming by busloads from all areas of our country especially Md. Now Senator *elect* Ramirez is already pushing for the dream act which is another nightmare to the citizens of Md. We can’t afford this.. I urge all of you l to contact our elected officials and tell them to start voting for the citizens of MD and not against them. I also urge you to check out their voting patterns and find out what bills they sponsored or not. Mikulski and omalley should never have been elected again. Mikulski voted “NO” to send troops to the border, “NO” to close the border, “NO” to allow English to become the language of our land and voted “YES” with the Latino’s 100% of the time. Is she a good representative for the citizens of our Maryland? Absolutely not! O’malley passed the largest tax heist of america in ’08 when he imposed an 8.5% corporate tax on our business’ in Md and more than 3000 are now gone and at least 240,000 employees left without a job. I urge all of you to post the names of all business’s that are hiring them and stop supporting them. I urge all of you blast the names of our elected officials who cater to them. 21 year senator munson finally got canned for his support for Casa de Md and illegal aliens. I urge every one of our citizens to take a ride into Montg. And pg county, Baltimore city and now Baltimore county is filling up with illegals. MOntgomery county looks like lil Mehico. Main street lined up with their business’s and most don’t have proper permits or licenses to operate. Educate people of the nightmares of MD. Post on every on line newspaper in Md and an and all “letters to the editor” in your local newspaper. Support groups in surrounding counties also. Attend their meetings and become informed. I spend all my free time reporting Employers of illegals. Many ways to do this. Many citizens don’t know that if you hire an illegal alien for work on your property and if they get hurt, most homeowners insurance policy won’t cover them. Don’t be afraid to ask for id’s like social security cards, green cards, drivers license and most of the time you can tell if their fake. If they can’t read, speak or write English, they are not citizens. I am a many year democrat and truly feel deserted in Md. My yesteryear democrat leaders who use to represent the blue collar workers have deserted us. I will now desert them..Vote with Caution..

    • acorcoran

      Hope to see you next Saturday at the MD CAN conference so that we can keep immigration issues front and center in MD!

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