This is a list of organizations, blogs, think tanks, and other groups and individuals you may wish to contact to learn more about conservative activism and issues.  More work is needed on this list!  But, please send us your resource links!  Thanks!

Those marked with an ( * ) asterisk are organizations with which our speakers are affiliated.

Accuracy in Media

American Majority*

Americans for Prosperity

Americans For Prosperity (Maryland)

Association of Maryland Families

Blue Ridge Forum

Emerging Corruption*

Freedom Works

Friends of Charles Lollar

Help Save Maryland

Heritage Foundation

Leadership Institute

Maryland Independent Party

Maryland Public Policy Institute*

Maryland Right to Life

Maryland Society of Patriots


New Renaissance in Education

Potomac Tea Party Report

Protect Marriage Maryland

Raging Elephants*

Young Americans for Freedom


John Garza is an attorney with a long history of combatting progressives on the legal battlefield. He is available for legal counsel and as a public speaker.  See John on Facebook, here.


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